Better reporting = better results! Here’s an update from my rep on how FB is evolving their tracking to allow better understanding of your campaigns.

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We recognize that the way people interact with businesses is becoming increasingly omni-channel.

A person can see an ad on mobile, click to view content on mobile, then complete the purchase transaction on web or offline or sometimes both.

To help you better measure business outcomes across this complex path to purchase, next month, we’ll introduce eight new standard events that are designed to provide an omni-channel view of actions taken across web, app and offline.

Specifically, we’ll be adding the following standard events: Contact, CustomizeProduct, Donate, FindLocation, Subscribe, Schedule, StartTrial and SubmitApplication.

The new events will standardize conversion events across web, mobile, offline, and on-Facebook to help you better track and measure across all of these channels.

 Starting September 10, we’ll be rolling out these new events globally in phases and will also be introducing the following changes to ads reporting:

 Simplifying the “Customize Column” selector in Ads Manager

 Introducing new omni-channel metrics for standard events (existing and new) and custom events

 Replacing channel-specific “Cost per” metrics for omni-channel “Cost Per” metrics (e.g. replacing “Cost per Mobile App Purchase” with “Cost per Purchase”)

 Removing metrics that we don’t believe accurately reflect business outcome measurement, such as engagement metrics (e.g. “Cost per comment”) and composite metrics (e.g. “Website conversions” which simply combines totals from individual conversion metrics)

 We are providing you with advanced notice of these changes to help ensure a seamless transition to these omni-channel metrics. In addition, please note the following:

 When possible, we will automatically update reporting to the new metrics being replaced to reduce implementation workload

 Most of the metrics being replaced can still be calculated manually (you can refer to the Help Center link below for details)

 All individual channel “Cost per” metrics being replaced will be accessible via Reports Builder through October 23

All metrics being replaced and/or removed will be accessible via API v3.1 until July 2019.