New Image Ads for Facebook In-Stream Video Placement

As we continue to grow new areas in Facebook, we continue to assess new opportunities for marketers to reach people where they are engaged.

While in-stream ads have been reserved for video ads to date, we are testing inclusion of image ads within the in-stream video placement for campaigns with the conversion objective.

These ads will appear below the video content, delivering a non-interruptive and persistent ad experience that will allow for a CTA and click-through.

You can opt into this placement when creating an image ad for a campaign with the conversion objective, and by selecting either ‘automatic placements’ or the ‘in-stream videos’ placement under Facebook.

This placement will be rolled out over the next few weeks – if you have immediate interest and do not see this option available in your ads manager, please let me know and I will request early whitelist access for you!

 Introducing New Event Sources for Value-Based Lookalike Audiences

Last year, we launched value-based Lookalike Audiences to better enable businesses to leverage what they know about their existing customer base to reach new people likely to spend more on their products or services.

However, we’ve heard the need for an easier way to identify high value potential customers.

That’s why we’re now offering new event sources for creating value-based Lookalike Audiences – now available from web, app, catalog, or offline event sets, making the process for assessing customer value automatic, more accurate, and in real-time.

This feature will be rolling out in Ads Manager and via API gradually through September, so if you don’t already see the option available, you should have access by early October at the latest.

Useful Links:

Create a value-based Lookalike Audience:

Value-based Lookalike Audiences:…/value-based-lookalike-audiences